Design water features in manufacturing quality

handcrafted design water features for your garden

Design water features for your garden

It’s clear to see in photographs and drawings, but also in the original objects themselves, whose chrome continues to gleam even as decades pass, that Water Features by Koolman have not only outlasted the short-living modernist movement without aesthetic detriment, but continue to impress today’s specialist artisans with their solidity and the elegance of their construction.

Handcrafted design water features

Our workshop is located in the Frankonia region of Germany. After a longer search we found the right partners with the right attitude and handcraft skills. An enthusiasm for the technical and aesthetic quality of the originals was the crucial factor in our relaunch of production, applying the same high quality standards and dedication to clear, timeless design as the original designers did, while employing modern CNC lathes and elaborate chrome coating.

Water features with premium quality

Because the shape of each of the Water Features by Koolman is not complete until the addition of its shining crown of water jets, today as in the past we carefully adjust each jet arm and nozzle by hand, until test runs reveal perfect symmetry. Each single water feature is well tested before supply.