Bauhaus Design Water Features

Bauhaus design water features

Bauhaus Design water features based on original drawings are reborn by Michael Koolman. You can enhance your garden with a very famous design water feature.

In 1952, silversmith Rolf Koolman designed the first Water Features, known as “Lübecker Wasserspiele”. It was in the 1950s that these designs truly blossomed, garnering approval at the “Bundesgartenschau” in Cologne, Germany, in 1957. Still in these days the remakes of the originals are shown each year in the artificial ponds of the Cologne Rheinpark by  the Brunnengarten Rheinpark e.V.

Water features based on original drawings

Bauhaus Design Water Features

Wasserspiele Koolman Seerose 1952

Dedicated to the ideas of the “Deutscher Werkbund” and the “Bauhaus”, Rolf Koolman crafted decorative art objects in a new form, defined by purpose, material and technique.
He made a name for himself with objects of daily use such as bowls, pitchers and tins in silver and brass, as well as jewellery and cutlery.
Later, his name became known for his designs of sacred candleholders, chalices and baptismal fonts, shown at exhibitions in Milan, Antwerp, Bordeaux and Chicago.

Inspired by inherited objects, as well as photographs and drawings of the original Water Features, in 2011 Michael Koolman, son of the silversmith, decided to revive this heritage.