Our suggestion: Water features for your dream garden

Design water feature for your garden

Embellish your garden – with water features

Water Features by Koolman can be enjoyed anywhere in the garden. Thanks to a stand with a spiked base, the Water Features can easily be positioned anywhere and connected to a hosepipe.
Of course, they lend themselves to more ambitious goals as well, from simple fountains to complex garden ponds to landscaped pools, creating a fluid link between the atmospheres of living room and garden. In short, they are a perfect fit anywhere.

Ask your question about water features

We are happy to answer any questions you might have concerning the Water Features by Koolman, or how to assemble and connect them. We can also recommend pumps and filter systems to fit your needs, as well as landscape architects who can make your dreams of a garden paradise come true.
We are also always happy to discuss questions about customised designs.

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