Water features by Koolman

design water features for your gardenWater features – for your dream garden

Solid, timeless and genuine, but at the same time light and possessing a flowing beauty: In a perfect synthesis of sparkling precision and falling water, our Water Features by Koolman combine art and nature, romanticism and technology, poetry and practical benefit.

They are perfectly suited to small and large garden pools, as well as natural and human-made ponds. Or they look great even as simple lawn sprinkler. See some videos life.

Water features of manual production

Water features in your garden are complementing your flower beds and lawn but look great even in the garden pond. Small water features fit well in small fountains or water bowls while larger water features appear best in flower beds and larger ponds surrounded by colourful flowers.

Garden water features of metal show a precious effect and are standing out by modern shapes as small works of art. Brilliant chrome reflects the light and glows in the shine of the sun. The Water Features by Koolman are handcrafted in Germany of chrome-plated brass and copper. The chrome surface coating is extremely robust.

Our workshop is located in the Frankonia region of Germany. An enthusiasm for the technical and aesthetic quality of the originals was the crucial factor in our relaunch of production, applying the same high quality standards and dedication to clear, timeless design as the original designers did, while employing modern CNC lathes and elaborate chrome coating.

Because the shape of each of the Water Features by Koolman is not complete until the addition of its shining crown of water jets, today as in the past we carefully adjust each jet arm and nozzle by hand, until test runs reveal perfect symmetry.

Design water features for the PERFECT garden

Water features for your garden by Koolman are aesthetic design objects for your garden. The elegant design of the chrome-plated brass and copper structures lends a special ambiance to your garden or your patio. For use in garden ponds the pump equipment, individually recommended and supplied to the water feature, offers a steady water pressure to ensure a constant operation of the water feature.

Water features with illumination

Complemented with LED-illumination the garden water features show an impressive sight in the dark. The water and the chrome surface sparkle and glitter in the pleasant shine of the luminaire.
We offer adequate LED-luminaire to the water features. The illumination is available for both the water feature in the flower bed or on the lawn (with stand) or those in ponds (with pedestal).

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