Overview on water features

OVERVIEW ON Water features for your garden

model columbine



With its slow rotation, this water feature forms four outer water sprays in a soft radius around four central sprays that rise vertically from the inner nozzles.


water feature model "Poppy"

model “POPPY”

“POPPY” model

Like a poppy bursting open, eight water sprays surround one stronger jet that rises from the central nozzle of a shining ball. The curving outer sprays form the petals of the flower, while the central spray creates attractive light effects on the reflective surface of the ball.


water feature model "tulip"

model “TULIP”

“TULIP” model

Water from six rotating, curved arms emerges in the shape of a tulip flower. This gently rotating spray creates a picture of perfect harmony.


water feature model "morning glory"



Two gently rotating wings release a double helix of water that climbs heavenward from fine nozzles, the two streams of water dancing and intertwining tirelessly as they rise.
The simple symmetry of the two spirals draws the eye even as it liberates the spirit.


water feature model "clover"

model “CLOVER”

“CLOVER” model

The CLOVER permanently installed water feature fits perfectly into ponds of any size. Its shining sphere with a jet of water gently rising from its centre captivates the senses of the beholder, calling to mind the princess’ toy in the story of the Frog Prince.


water feature model "water lily"

model “WATER LILY”

“WATER LILY” model

Much like the face of a clock or the petals of the water lily, twelve gracefully curved arms create a shining curtain of water spray with a single powerful jet rising from the centre. This timeless beauty, too, is an ideal fit for both small and large ponds.


water feature model "sundew"

model “SUNDEW”

“SUNDEW” model

Sixteen small nozzles arranged around one larger one in the centre of a convex metal head create a feathery wreath of fine water jets surrounding a powerful central fountain.
The delicate shape created by the water serves as an eye-catching and highly attractive decoration for smaller and medium-sized ponds.


water feature ready to use set

Ready-to-use set

Ready-to-use set

This complete set comprises a water feature of your choice, a riser pipe, a pedestal for use in ponds and a circulation pump with a 10-meter hosepipe.The riser pipe can be ordered in various lengths depending on the depth of your pond.


water feature accesories


AccessoRIES for water features

We supply the stand with a spiked base, the pedestal, fittings, lighting modules, and circulation pumps.