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Garden Water features by Koolman

Founded in 2011, Wasserspiele Koolman designs, manufactures and sells functionally and aesthetically sophisticated Water Features for gardens and parks. To see these beautiful water features live please refer to videos available under facebook Koolman Wasserspiele.

Classy water features – based on original drawings

Wasserspiele Koolmman Seerose Zeichnung 1952Based on numerous drawings and originals inherited from the renowned silversmith Rolf Koolman (1900–1954), the Water Features by Koolman are handcrafted by a mid-sized German family business. The ideas and the design of the water features are inspired by the influence of the Staatliches Bauhaus of the last century. In fact, the geometry and the curve radii of the models are so sophisticated that in the end, despite high-tech, they are manufactured goods: before they are approved and shipped, they go through a trial operation in which all nozzles and beam arms are manually aligned  and adjusted. Michael Koolman, the son of Rolf  Koolman together with Klaas Koolman, the grandson, are successfully running this business since 2011 again.
Water Features by Koolman products appeal to discerning customers who appreciate aesthetic effects and harmonious use of materials and form, as well as simple functionality.
Wasserspiele Koolman is based in Bubenreuth, Bavaria, Germany.
Our products are manufactured in Germany.

Michael Koolman

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